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Writing with SIZZLE: Introducing Martha Yasuda's Arrangements of Classic Works and Favorites

Posted by Martha Yasuda on Nov 2, 2018 4:42:24 PM

Attention Teachers: Enrich Your Studio With Martha Yasuda’s
Gorgeous Arrangements of Classic Works and Favorites

When we first saw Martha Yasuda’s music books, several years ago, we were really impressed with their quality. The arranging was top-notch; the visual quality of the notes was superb; the artwork and layout are beautiful and world class. Even more important, Martha selected each work to support and motivate students and their studio teachers, skillfully supplementing their etudes and repertoire. Many of these arrangements are written for various combinations of stringed instruments, enabling groups of students to perform together in harmony, not just in unison. The possibilities for motivating your students are endless. Over two dozen of these titles are licensed by the International Suzuki Institute, a tribute to their effectiveness.

All of these titles are digital downloads. They are as easy to order as any other product at SHAR, and are available instantaneously, without the hassle or cost of shipping! Perfectly formatted, you can also print them on your home printer without doing any reformatting. If you’ve steered clear of digital sheet music in the past because you were afraid of running into technical issues, Martha’s titles will dispel your fears!

We are proud to welcome Martha Yasuda as a SHAR Exclusive Digital Artist! In her article, Martha shares the story of how and why she became a composer and arranger, and what makes her music so effective and motivating for students.

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Rachel Barton Pine at SHAR Music

Posted by Val Jaskiewicz on Oct 24, 2018 3:31:56 PM

SHAR Music is pleased to announce the visit of concert violinist Rachel Barton Pine, 2:00pm Saturday, November 10th, at the SHAR retail showroom, 2465 S. Industrial, Ann Arbor. The event is open to the public. Ms. Pine will greet guests starting at 2:00pm. Books authored by Ms. Pine will be available for purchase and autograph, including the first volume of Ms. Pine’s widely-anticipated 10-volume series, Music by Black Composers. From 3:00-4:30 pm, Ms. Pine will conduct a master class with The Brandenburg Project, a conductorless student ensemble of the Community Music School of Ann Arbor composed of advanced middle and high school musicians. The focus of the master class will be baroque performance practices in the modern ensemble, including the use of the baroque bow. As one of the world’s leading authorities on the practices and interpretation of baroque era music, Ms. Pine will bring her formidable skills and warm, dynamic personality to what will prove to be an unforgettable afternoon. Later in the evening, Ms. Pine will perform as violin soloist with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, in a performance of Vivaldi’s, and Piazzola’s, Four Seasons.

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Violin and Cello Bow Force Teaching Aids

Posted by Becky Fields on Oct 17, 2018 9:50:57 AM

One of our most popular products for young violinists and violists is the Violin Bow Force. Now, as we introduce the new Cello Bow Force, we asked the inventor, teacher Becky Fields, to explain how she came up with her idea for this unique and effective product. Here’s Becky’s story.

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Dry Air = Danger: Prepare Your Stringed Instrument for the Cold Months Ahead

Posted by Val Jaskiewicz on Oct 16, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Dry Air = Danger

As autumn gives way to winter, with dryer and colder air on the way, your stringed instrument may be dreading it even more than you are. Here at SHAR, we live by the old Norwegian adage (some say Finnish, others say German!): “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing”. So, now that you’ve bundled up, it’s time to think about your instrument!

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Topics: Instrument Care, Violin, Cushy, Cases, Humidity

How to Groove on Strings

Posted by Tracy Silverman on Sep 25, 2018 11:28:00 AM

We invited legendary electric violinist Tracy Silverman to tell us about what inspired him to create his groundbreaking new books on Strum Bowing. Simply put: There was no defined pedagogy for learning the rhythmic bowing required for non-classical styles, such as jazz, rock and others. Because of this, the violin and other bowed string instruments have essential taken their place as melodic instruments, with little to no role in providing rhythm to an ensemble. Tracy Silverman’s books are destined to greatly broaden the role of stringed instruments in music making across genres, by enabling classical players to expand their repertoire of techniques. This fascinating article shines a light on how this situation has come about, and how the new pedagogy will enable any player to develop the tools needed to become a Total Violinist.


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Good Vibrations: Musicians Making a Difference

Posted by Judy Divis on Sep 19, 2018 9:14:30 AM

Musicians are generous – they create music and share it with everyone. They teach, enabling others to experience the joy of creating music. And in the heartland of America, the Omaha Chamber Music Society is making sure that all students who attend Title I secondary schools in Omaha also gain this opportunity through their amazing Good Vibrations program.

SHAR is proud to be a supporter the Good Vibrations program, which is described by Omaha Chamber Music Society violist Judy Divis, founder of the program. Judy’s story is about generosity, and how a community of superb musicians and partners came together to share their passion, passing the baton to a new generation.

- Val Jakiewicz

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Topics: Good Vibrations, Music Education, Instrument Care, Violin, Donation

"Michael" from In the Key of Strawberry

Posted by Arnold Steinhardt on Aug 15, 2018 5:09:33 PM

Editor's Note: The following blog post originally appeared on Arnold Steinhardt's blog In the Key of Strawberry and is republished with permission. Steinhardt is the founding member of the Guarneri String Quartet and the author of two books: Violin Dreams and Indivisible by Four. For more stories visit here or follow on Twitter.

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The Total Violinist

Posted by Val Jaskiewicz on Aug 3, 2018 11:03:22 AM

Most of us violinists (as well as violists, cellists and bassists) are our most comfortable in an orchestra setting. Of course, the music is fantastic, and usually very challenging to learn and play. But learn and play we do, after woodshedding our parts carefully at home. Our teachers have been able to impart their technical and musical know-how to allow us to learn difficult pieces on our own. We take those skills, now finely honed, to the concert hall, where we deeply breathe in the joy of a beautiful performance, in amazing rhythm with our colleagues. If we’re lucky, our family and friends in the audience will enjoy our performance as much as we do.

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SHAR Spring 2018 Photo Contest Results

Posted by Staff Writer on Jul 9, 2018 11:01:00 AM

After weeks of deliberation over your photo contest entries, we have selected winner for this year’s Spring 2018 Photo Contest! We had huge number of submissions this year, which made our job even harder. Of all the wonderful photos we received, we selected a Grand Prize winner that will received a $250 SHAR gift certificate, and a few honorable mentions.

Since we received such a high volume of high quality photos, we are likely to use many of them in future SHAR catalogs, promotions and emails. For those that we end up publishing, you will receive an email offering a $25 SHAR gift certificate at the time of publication. 

Now, here is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

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Practical Passion: How an Independent Artist Took Charge of His Own Career

Posted by Jeremy Cohen on Jun 4, 2018 8:34:36 AM

Practical Passion: How an Independent Artist Took Charge of His Own Career


 “. . . as much as I know what lights me up inside, I also know that the future will look different from what I plan.” With these words, violinist Rebecca Fischer offered us a glimpse of the shape shifting that is an integral part of an artistic calling. Her blog article, “Courage: Starting Fresh, Again and Again”, part of “SHAR’s Lives of Artists” series, goes on to describe that new beginnings sometimes require something old to end.


Violinist Jeremy Cohen knows a thing or two about new beginnings. Studying with Itzhak Perlman, performing solos with symphony orchestras and extensive work with chamber ensembles provided Jeremy with the solid foundation necessary to enjoy a fruitful traditional orchestral or conservatory career. But the music of Jeremy’s childhood neighborhood – jazz, Tango, Latin music – called to him, and he just couldn’t abandon it. Fortunately, Jeremy’s skills enabled him to have plenty of work, including live performances, extensive film and television work, and touring as concertmaster with major artists. All this was to change for most independent artists upon the arrival of the internet, smartphones and Netflix, all competing with live music. For Jeremy Cohen, there was no choice except to become a champion . . .

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