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String Teachers: Students Need a Breakthrough? Part 5: Books That Help Focus Any Teaching Method, for Parents and You

Posted by Val Jaskiewicz on Oct 4, 2017 11:10:33 AM


In the previous parts of this blog series, we looked at some books and methods created by string teachers, who have years of experience in helping violin, viola, cello, and bass students in overcoming difficult obstacles that would otherwise prevent them from moving on in technique and musicality. When it comes to methods and etude books, there can sometimes be gaps in content or direction that make it difficult for students to really master a foundational technique, habit, or concept. Writer, violinist, and product expert, Val Jaskiewicz, recommends some books that can add focus to any method your student is using!

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Teaching methods offer an organized and incremental approach to learning a musical instrument. Individual etude books, carefully curated and organized by the teacher, have been just as important as a way of imparting the pedagogy required to learn to be a musician. Either way, there are always roadblocks or areas requiring more focused attention, in order to move forward. These three books are outstanding resources created by teachers, written for both teachers and parents.





Enjoying Violin Technique

Accelerate your student’s progress! This sensational book, by internationally acclaimed Suzuki educator, Kerstin Wartberg, is filled with fun exercises, pieces, and even scales, that help turbocharge any method. Supplemented with an accompaniment MP3 CD and downloadable audio files.






Expanding Horizons

Notable Suzuki pioneer, Mark Bjork, created this book to help teachers, parents and students, overcome any obstacle, whether technical, musical or vocational. An invaluable resource that helps deepen and firmly establish the principals and practices of any teaching method.







Building Violin Skills

Another revered and positive guide for helping parents support their beginning student establish outstanding habits imparted by their teacher. This valuable guide takes a very different approach in its embrace of struggle, thereby making it a positive experience. In this way, the student becomes stronger in both skills and character, developing the confidence to tackle any problem. In the process, the relationship of parent with student blossoms.



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