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A guide to Choosing the Right Set of Strings

Posted by Joseph Chapman on Jul 12, 2012 9:27:00 AM

Edited Apr. 14, 2016 - We've rolled live the Violin Strings, Viola Strings, Cello Strings, and Bass Strings Sound Guides, now with interactive icons, a pricing key, and revised placement! See the updated blog on choosing the right set of strings here.

For advancing players, or established players who want to try something different, there's a lot to consider when upgrading your set of strings: Where do you typically perform? Do you want a string set suited for solos or ensembles? Which string set will draw the most out of your particular playing style and instrument? This graph will help you navigate (almost) everything you should consider!

Projection: Next to each string set there's a graphic that indicates that set's level of projection. The levels of projection range from "Mild" to "Aggressive."

The X axis (horizontal) depicts the continuum between smooth and textured string sets. Textured sets are complex sounding with many colors and rich, resonating overtones. Smooth sets are very clear and focused. The tone is clean and straight. 

Direct/Subtle: The Y axis (vertical) depicts the continuum between direct and subtle string sets. A direct string set has a brilliant, distinct tone designed for soloists to cut through piano or orchestral textures. A subtle set doesn't overpower. They blend well and often have a dark undertone.

For the new Violin Strings Guide, Viola Strings Guide, Cello Strings Guide, or Bass Strings Guide, click the button below, or feel free to call our string experts for extra guidance! Or just go and buy your Violin strings, or Cello Strings now. 

View SHAR's Interactive String Charts

Choose Your Set of Strings! Red Label (Super-Sensitive) Overture Strings Prelude (D'Addario) Superflexible (Thomastik Infeld) Prim Steel Hill Jargar Strings Precision Strings (Thomastik Infeld) Spirocore (Thomastik Infeld) Chromcor Zyex Goldbrokat Overture Ultra Westmiister Strings Larsen Tzigane Crystal (Corelli) Pro Arte (D'Addario) Kaplan Golden Spiral (D'Addario) Universal No. 1 (Pirastro) Passione (Pirastro) Kaplan (D'Addario) Belcanto (Thomastik Infeld) Belcanto Gold (Thomastik Infeld) Eudoxa (Pirastro) Obligato (Pirastro) Wondertone Gold Label (Pirastro) Wondertone Gold Label (Pirastro) Olive (Pirastro) Viennese Melange (Thomastik Infeld) Piranito (Pirastro) Larsen Strings Evah Pirazzi Strings Vision Titanium Solo Tonica Vision Permanent Vision Solo Peter Infeld Red Strings Dominant Alliance Vivaci (Corelli) Helicore

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