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The Love Life of Giacomo Puccini

Posted by Staff Writer on Dec 8, 2014 1:21:00 PM

Amazon Prime recently released the pilot for a new series based on the book Mozart in the Jungle (watch here for free). So farit's all about the bad behavior of classical musicians in New York (well, along with a charming underdog story). It looks like it'll be a terrific series, but we at SHAR just wanted to point out that bad behavior and musicians are as old as... well, music. Here's a brief blog article on Giacomo Puccini's love life. Puccini didn’t just write opera; he lived it. 

The famed Italian composer Giacomo Puccini was known for churning out fabulous operas in the verismo style. I could go on and on about La Boheme, or wax poetic about the iconic melodies in Madama Butterfly, or give details of how his critics viewed his music . . . or I could cut to the chase and tell you what you’re obviously dying to know: the shocking details of his love life.

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