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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Playing a Carlo Lamberti

Posted by Staff Writer on Jun 25, 2015 9:31:26 AM

You’ve seen your child through the many stages of learning the violin. The cardboard box violin. The struggle to use the correct bowings and fingerings. Conquering scales and new songs. You’ve watched them grow into a little musician. Maybe they’re beginning to vibrate or learning to shift. Perhaps they have joined their first orchestra or begun playing duets with friends.  As they face more difficult repertoire and begin transitioning into ensembles, you couldn’t be more proud. Isn’t it time you considered rewarding your child’s commitment with a better instrument?

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Shopping For Your Next Violin

Posted by Joseph Chapman on Oct 4, 2012 2:02:00 PM

As an advancing player, you outgrow your starter violin at a certain point: your skill level is inhibited by the instrument you own (or rent) and the limitations of your instrument prevent full musical expression. So where do you begin your search? Ideally, you want to try out a few violins and see how the instrument responds to your playing style. However, due to high overhead costs local violin shops might not have a superior instrument within your budget, or a wide enough range of violins for you to try out. That's where SHAR can help. We have an In-Home Trial program that's easy to use and that allows you to try out a number of our instruments in your practice room at home. But to help you even further, we've also begun a recording and video project focused on some of our best-selling violins; hopefully, with our instrument demonstrations, you can get an introduction to these violins, especially their tone and projection, and perhaps even pick out a few you want to try. Enoy, and please do call our fine instrument consultants at 866.742.7270 if you have any questions!

Carlo Lamberti Sonata (for more info click here)

Carlo Lamberti Classic
(for more info click here)

Carlo Lamberti Master Series (for more info click here)

John Cheng Stradivari Model (for more info click here)

John Cheng "King Joseph" Guarneri del Gesu (for more info click here)

John Cheng Limited Edition (for more info click here


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