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The Bow Guide: Do I Need a New Bow?

Posted by Staff Writer on Jan 6, 2015 10:55:00 AM

A new bow can have an immediate and dramatic effect on your playing for a relatively modest investment. Many players do not realize how much they are held back by a bow that no longer meets their needs and skill level. Call a SHAR Violin Shop representative today at 866.742.7270. They can play-test and assist you in selecting the right bow to help you break through to the next level of performance. And please check out our other articles in the series, "The Most Common Bow Materials" and "How to Select a Bow."


Do I Need a New Bow?

Almost all players come to realization that new bow would be beneficial to their technical and musical development. Here's a guideline to help you tell if a new bow may be right for you. The more "Yes" answers you have, the more likely a new bow will help you.


1. I borrowed a bow and my instrument sounded better to me and everyone else.

Yes / No

2. I have a hard time producing more than just a few tone colors.

Yes / No

3. I'm happy with my instrument when I'm practicing, but I get tonally drowned out when I'm playing with my quartet/pianist/orchestra/teacher.

Yes / No

4. My teacher keeps asking for more, but it doesn't happen, no matter how hard I try.

Yes / No

5. My off-the-string bowings are noisy and hard to control.

Yes / No

6. I have to really concentrate to make sure that I don't make little accidental squeaks and noises when I'm playing technically demanding music

Yes / No

7. My current bow needs to be rehaired, and I'm not sure that spending $60-$80on a rehair is a good investment.

Yes / No

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