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What's In Your Case? (Part II)

Posted by Joseph Chapman on Apr 9, 2013 1:01:00 PM

In today's blog, we share a few customer photos from our #caseconfessions series. We've got some great stuff here: a garden kneeling pad, old boxers, Phantom of the Opera, and a symphony name tag. Send your case content photos to to join in. And check back soon for more case contents photos!

What%27s in my case web

Cellist and a Mother (Elizabeth from VA):

  • Garden kneeler pad - some chairs are just a little too short or slope back!
  • Got the Underwood mic for a college Crumb performance, it lingers in hopes of one more use.
  • I keep my string envelopes, put the old ones in for spares and note the date the new ones went on so I know how old they are.
  • Photo of my daughter, red envelopes from past Lunar New Years' gifts, a couple programs from recent concerts, and a photocopy of the entry about my cello's luthier from Henley's Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers.
  • The GigLight has spare set of batteries in the bag as well.
  • I keep a variety of endpin stops handy, including this Vivacello as well as homemade and Xeros straps.
  • Retired cotton boxers make excellent rosin rags

Case 2

Music Lover (Vicki B): I don't have too much in my case, mainly rosin, extra strings and music I'm currently working on. Oh and my tuner. 


AMY33MD2 web

The Prepared Violinist (Amy from MD): I have all of the essentials for my electric and acoustic violins as well as my symphony music and name tag.

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