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Why Own an Instrument Stand for Your Violin, Viola, or Cello?


Alberta BarnesPretty much every musician has a music stand, but not every musician has an instrument stand. Have you thought about the benefits to owing a violin stand or a cello stand? Here are four things to think about!

1. Motivation to Practice. Having the instrument out on an instrument stand can be a great way to motivate yourself (or kids, especially!) to practice. It can be irritating to have to open the case and get everything set up correctly, but when the instrument is immediately accessible it is also that much more motivating to play it.

cello stand 2. Time Saver. If you have to squeeze in practice time between the million other things inyour day then taking your instrument out and packing it up again can waste valuable practice time! With the instrument safely out of its case, you can move away from and return to your instrument to practice without fumbling with shoulder rests or endpins for those valuable minutes.

3. Useful at Gigs. 
Bringing a violin stand or a cello stand to your gig with you can prove veryuseful. A violin stand is a must-have if you switch between instruments at gigs. Or, if you are playing only the one instrument, it can be a much more secure way to hold the instrument during breaks than simply perching your violin on your chair.

instrument stand4. A Way to Display Your Instrument. When used at home, the cello stand can be a beautiful way to safely display your treasure. It thereby enhances the ambience of the room much more than leaving it in the case would!

If you’re looking for a violin stand, we have several options: 


These things make me nervous. Having played for more than 50 years now with no major mishaps I feel fortunate considering the places of peril I have often found myself in with my "good" instrument. I remember during college, playing in bars and clubs with my only instrument: a 1905 Silvestre. I'd come into my lesson and my teacher would stop, sniff my instrument (they really hold room odors)ask me where I'd been.. It usually smelled like beer and cigarette smoke. Anyway I have always found that the safest place for my instrument is under my arm or in the case. For many years now I have kept my instrument in an American Case company dart case that I bought from Shar in the early 80s. With the "seatbelt" on, it is safe, even if open and someone knocks it off a table or chair. To me, these instruments stands are an accident waiting to happen.. and I have seen them happen. People run into them and knock them over. I'm a witness. I still say a good case is the best protection for your instrument. As a teacher, I don't think leaving your instrument in plain sight will generate more practice time and I'd NEVER use on at a gig. Maybe that's just me..... but I will not encourage my students to buy a music stand for the above reasons.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 25, 2012 2:59 PM by Dee Braxton-Pellegrino
Oh! and another point... I do remember ONE TIME I left my instrument sitting out in plain sight in a safe place... and my parrot completely chewed the A peg off. I was HORRIFIED... what if he had started on the pegbox instead of the peg????!!!! I still say your instrument should be either on your person or in a case... and keep your parrots in the cage when wooden instruments are in the area. 
: )
Posted @ Tuesday, September 25, 2012 3:02 PM by
These are all great points! I would highly recommend the Ingles instrument stand. I have used it for years and I love that it also has a bow holder on the back!
Posted @ Tuesday, September 25, 2012 3:02 PM by Robyn
The Ingles stand that Robyn mentioned is great because it has a "latch" that you can put over the violin to keep it safer. I play in church and it is great to have a stand when I leave for the sermon or something because it is much safer than laying it in a chair, and easier than bringing it with me to my seat. :)  
It does make me nervous to have it in a stand at home with little kids running around, so then I would recommend a String Swing that you can hang out of little ones' reach, or a case. :) My younger siblings (and me too!!) are more motivated to practice when it is already out of the case because they view it as a time saver.
Posted @ Monday, October 15, 2012 8:15 PM by Hannah
I've used a wall hanger from Shar for about a year now and it defiantly results in more practice. Before I was dedicated to practice but it was all during a set time. Now, I keep that practice time but also take it down from the hanger for a song or two several times a day simply because I can. Further, the instrument itself is a piece of art and shouldn't be kept hidden away. 
I'm planning for the stand next. Like another reviewer, I play it at church and need to be able to access it and then move on to other worship leadership responsibilities more quickly than is possible than can be done with the case.
Posted @ Monday, January 28, 2013 7:30 PM by Kenny
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