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Thoughts on Music Stands


Having trouble finding the music stand you need? Here are my personal favorites!

George II Classic Music Stand

Like many string players, I have a long history of trying all manner of music stands. After having far too many stands blow over in the wind, collapse under the weight of gig binders, or injure me with protruding metal shards, I am tired of shopping around for music stands! Therefore, I write now to share my suggestions with you in order that you may not also suffer the distress caused by malfunctioning music stands. Here are my personal top three choices:

PSM 201. The Peak Music Stand. I love this stand. For a folding music stand it is incredibly sturdy. It easily supports the weight of many music books on the desk at once (more so than even the traditional Manhasset stand). It has a full desk so your single pages of music won’t fall off. It has a really nice carrying bag which can be easily looped over your shoulder (unlike other stand bags, which often barely accommodate your hand). And, it only weighs 6 pounds and is very easy to assemble. I happily use this stand both at home and at gigs. If you like the standard Peak but want a flat writing surface on the desk, try the PSM32 – this has a full, metal desk. The carrying case for this stand is about the size of a briefcase.PC10

 2. The Gig-N-Go. This comes in a large variety of color choices, so this can be a fun choice for kids. It folds into a smaller carrying case than the Peak, and, in spite of being a folding metal stand, it’s almost as sturdy as the Peak stand. It is five pounds.

AC 483. The Manhasset. Finally, we have all sorts of orchestral stands from both Manhasset and Hamilton. You can check these out here. I personally use the standard Manhasset stand (AC48) at home and it has happily endured for years.

Honorable mention: The Compact Music Stand. If you’re looking for something as light as possible, then this is probably what LS5Ayou need. The aluminum version is only 1.5 pounds, but it also isn’t as sturdy as the Peak or the Gig-N-Go.

Wish list: George II Classic Music Stand (pictured above). Beautiful, classy, perfect. But, I will never own this stand because I feel fairly certain that if I did, I would need to refurnish my entire living room in order to make it worthy of this stand!

Hopefully this helps! If you have any questions, please call us. You can always ask to speak with me!


I recently purchased the Gig-N-Go stand, and it's everything I could ask for in a music stand! With my old stand, the slightest bump from a passing orchestra member could send my stand and music crashing to the floor. The Gig-N-Go is unbelievably sturdy, yet very portable. After seeing mine, several other members of the orchestra have expressed interest in ordering one.
Posted @ Friday, May 11, 2012 9:22 AM by Marsha Weaver
I have the Peak - LOVE IT!!! Was using the metal/collapsible stands for years until I found the Peak - most of my string friends have it too!!!
Posted @ Friday, May 11, 2012 12:41 PM by Shari Ebert
My husband and I play a lot gigs in odd places such as outdoor pavilions, or just out of doors. Often we play with some other musicians for dances so I need a music stand. I got a bunch of magnets at Hobby Lobby and I use these magnets to hold my music securely in place. I keep them in my fiddle case.
Posted @ Friday, May 11, 2012 8:45 PM by Nita Kinney
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