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Viva La Musica Shoulder Rests

Posted by Eric Hook on Feb 15, 2011 10:13:00 AM

SHAR now carries a full line of solid wood Viva La Musica shoulder rests for violin and viola.  These ergonomically-designed shoulder rests are all fully adjustable for height and width, and they have a unique lateral adjustment system which gives a custom fit on your shoulder. The ribbed rubber feet secure the shoulder rest with the minimum amount of contact with your instrument, which gives you the best resonance and projection.

Augustin Diamond Shoulder Rest

Choose from four violin models to suit your playing style.

  • Standard Model - Features a solid wood body and thick foam padding.  Black hardware gives a classic look.
  • Artist Model - A solid hardwood body gives greater strength while thick foam padding gives a comfortable fit. Features gold tone hardware to complement the elegant look. 
  • Professional Model - Choose from solid European Walnut or Maple, with either gold tone or black hardware. Has an elegant, ergonomic f-hole design. Height and width are fully adjustable. The heavy foam padding allows you to get the most comfortable fit. 
  • Augustin Diamond Model - The top-of-the line Viva La Musica shoulder rest is made from solid European flamed Maple for an extremely elegant look.  Ultimately adjustable with 360 degree rotatable and foldable end members, which also allows for compact storage.

All models are also available for viola:

Not sure which is the right shoulder rest for you?  Give us a call, we'll be happy to help!  800.248.7247


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