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Suzuki Community Mourns the Loss of Leader and Mentor, John Kendall

Posted by Eric Hook on Jan 9, 2011 3:02:00 PM

John Kendall, who brought the Suzuki Method to the US in the 1950s, has passed away at 93. He had lived in Ann Arbor for the past several years, following his son here, Christopher Kendall, dean of the school of music at U of M.

John Kendall recently wrote the book, “Recollections of a Peripatetic Pedagogue”, his memoir, which SHAR has offered since last fall. Recollections of a Peripatetic Pedagogue

John’s contribution to music education cannot be overstated, and forms a significant chapter of Shar’s history. He was that rare visionary who was also practical, accessible and friendly, as so many teachers have told us. His “Tuesdays with John” master class series, helping train the next generation of young people, has been a cherished part of the Ann Arbor Suzuki scene for the past several years.

The Suzuki Association has written a review of the book, which is also a great summation of his life.  John Kendall


John Kendall

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