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The Bow Issue - violin, viola, cello, bass and carbon fiber bows

Posted by Eric Hook on Jan 9, 2011 2:42:00 PM

If you've already received your January catalog from SHAR, you will have noticed that it's the Bow Issue.  A new bow can have a fast and dramatic effect on your playing for a relatively modest investment.

Many players do not realize how much they are being held back by a bow that no longer meets their needs and skill levels.  In order to help players, we've included some guidelines to determine if a new bow will help you.

And to help you even more, we've put most bows on sale until February 28th.  Save on violin, viola, cello, bass and carbon fiber bows.

There are several steps to choosing a new bow that doesn't hold you back from your potential:

  • You must be pleased with the basic Tone Color Production and compatibility with your instrument.
  • You must be able to take advantage of the bow's ability to control Tone Color Range and Dynamic Range.
  • Does the bow meet your needs to control off-the-string strokes and clarity of attack.
  • If the bow you are considering meets all these needs, compare it to your existing bow - is there a clear improvement?  If so, you may have found your new bow!

The staff of the SHAR Violin Shop, all experienced players, are available to help you with the bow selection process.  Take advantage of their knowledge and of SHAR's In-Home Bow Trials by calling 866.742.7270

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