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Notes from a SHAR Apprentice - Bow Concerns

Posted by Rachel Krueger on May 3, 2011 2:00:00 PM

Common Bow Concerns
Troubled by misgivings about bows? Don't know if these bow inspector specials are a good idea for you and your family? Wonder what to do if you are on a budget, break a bow, or need to travel?

Here are some answers for you!

We may not be playing very long...
Young children who want to play because their best friend plays or adults who always wanted to try and have decided to take a chance on string playing; these are just two of many situations where there may not be a long term commitment to string playing. Many people start lessons and then, after a few months, decide to invest their time in something else. The bow specials are a way to obtain a good bow at a realistic price, so you can go ahead with your experiment without worrying about your wallet.

My student is ready for a new bow, but can’t really afford it.
Inspector Special bows include all levels of our student bows at discounted prices. Often inspector special bows are at just the right price point for a student with a limited budget.

Help! I broke my bow by (dropping, sitting on, running over, sword fighting with) it!
Let’s face it. Life happens, and sometimes fragile things like bows are casualties of existence. If you have a child who is extremely active and breaks bows like tinder, you may not want to invest in an expensive bow every time. These reduced prices allow you to replace that bow for as little as $15!

The same thing holds true even if you prefer a better bow than the basic student model. If you broke a higher end bow, but must have a bow NOW (yesterday, if only that were possible) but don’t have the time to save for one, these bows can carry you through the gap.

My very best bow broke right before a performance, what can I use in the mean-time?
It’s never a bad idea to have a back-up for your primary bow. At a school orchestra concert, Suzuki recital, or Solo and Ensemble Contest there’s always a desperate scramble to find something to play on if your bow suddenly has a problem. That added stress can really put a bad spin on a performance even if you eventually find a temporary solution just before the curtain goes up. Additionally, second bows can help protect your primary bow if you’re playing outside or if you’re traveling and you decide not to use your very best bow. Bow inspector bows provide great security against accidents.

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