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Happy Valentine’s Day: A Sad Love Story from Music History

Olivier Messiaen and Claire Delbos

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought it would be appropriate to write about a great musical love story. Too much is said about Brahms and Clara, so I thought I'd find another couple to write about. Below please enjoy a touching love story from music history: a story of romance, fidelity, and tragedy from the life of Olivier Messiaen, one of my favorite composers.

Happy Valentine's Day: Romance Gone Wrong!

Violin Music

Valentine's Day is approaching, so let's take this occasion to revisit the violin's passionate side. Many would agree that it can be captivating to hear sweet violin music while you wine and dine, but, as delightful as this may be, the violin may sometimes produce too much of a romantic ambiance for its own good! 

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