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Cello Match-Making: An Interview with SHAR's Hans Anderson

Hans Anderson

I sat down with SHAR Violin Shop Manager Hans Anderson on Friday, November 4th to talk about SHAR's new John Cheng line of violins. Hans and I met early that morning in one of the rehearsal rooms, which, with its hardwood floors and vaguely Victorian furnishings, seemed like a fitting place to talk about a line of violins. Before talking about the John Cheng line, though, I first asked Hans to share a little about himself as a musician and his approach to selling instruments. I found our discussion so interesting that I decided to post the interview in two parts on our blog. In this week's post, Hans shares his thoughts about the relationship a player forms with an instrument. In next week's post, Hans and I will talk about SHAR's new line of John Cheng violins.

Get Your Art On: October is National Arts and Humanities Month

NAMH logo web

Though much of the rhetoric about American schools has been focused on math and science, test scores, and the growing gap between the quality of education in the United States and other first-world nations, the value of the arts and humanities in education is receiving national recognition during the month of October. Perhaps this recognition shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Many economists such as Edward Glaeser (check out his recent book Triumph of the City) are beginning to recognize the value of creativity in our future economies; the development of our creative sides, through music and the visual arts, could be an asset (gasp!) instead of a hindrance. Huzzah for the economy of the future and for October.

Notes from an Apprentice - SHAR Way: Better than Renting

Katherine Thompson

Looking for a rental?
Try the SHAR Way - It's Better than Renting!

Local Guest Recital by Violinist, Chenyi Avsharian

Chenyi Avsharian

An afternoon of wonderful music!

Guest Recital:
Chen Yi, violin
with James Wilhelmsen, piano

Creative Viola Designs by the SHAR Shipping Supervisor

Margaret's Viola - Front

Are you ever amazed at how fast your items from SHAR get to you, wherever you are across the globe?  We have a fantastic shipping department at SHAR that works tirelessly to get every order that comes into the warehouse on its way to you the same day.  It was noticed the other day that a fantastic viola showed up in the warehouse that was NOT going out in an order, and was discovered that Margaret Nordgren, our shipping department supervisor, felt a little artistic outside of work.  We hope you enjoy these pictures and Margaret's words about her work:

Q&A: With SHAR CEO, Charles Avsharian

Charles Avsharian

We sat down with SHAR CEO, Charles Avsharian, to discuss E-Strings for violinists.

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Laurie Niles from - Sphinx Competition and Tour of SHAR


Laurie Niles, founder of the website, came to visit Michigan last week to attend the Sphinx Competition and take a tour of SHAR Music in Ann Arbor.

Free Chamber Music Workshop in the SHAR Retail Showroom

workshop banner

Acoustics Chamber Music Workshop
Saturday, March 12th
Shar Ann Arbor Showroom
The workshop is FREE and refreshments will be provided
Please RSVP by Tuesday, March 8th

This FREE workshop will delve into a subject that is often avoided by musicians – acoustics - and the physical realities of intonation and balance in chamber ensembles. Guest speaker David Peshlakai will cover basic history and technical aspects of acoustics as well as demonstrate these principles. The workshop portion will include listening activities, small group playing and work with sympathetic vibrations and harmonics. Seating is limited! For more information or to reserve your spot, please email Hilary at or call 1-800-248-7427 ext. 346.

The Bow Issue - violin, viola, cello, bass and carbon fiber bows


If you've already received your January catalog from SHAR, you will have noticed that it's the Bow Issue.  A new bow can have a fast and dramatic effect on your playing for a relatively modest investment.

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Welcome to the SHAR Blog


With the start of the New Year, we are launching our new SHAR blog.  You will find frequent updates on new products for violin, viola, cello and bass; special offers and news of interest to the String Community such as string organization events (ASTA, SAA, Youth Orchestras), SHAR's support of the community and other happenings.

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