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SHAR #CaseConfessions Contest: What's In Your Case?

Bluegrass Gigger

Ever wonder what your fellow musicians carry in their case? Want to share what's in your case? Submit to and follow our #CaseConfessions contest and win a free Joey Violin Case Carrier! Here's an example entry below:

James E, Bluegrass Gigger, WI: Crucial stuff. Sound post adjusters, Dampit, fresh strings, and manicure kit keep everything in check for a tight schedule.  

What's In Your Case? (Part II)

What%27s in my case web

In today's blog, we share a few customer photos from our #caseconfessions series. We've got some great stuff here: a garden kneeling pad, old boxers, Phantom of the Opera, and a symphony name tag. Send your case content photos to to join in. And check back soon for more case contents photos!

What's In Your Case?


In today's blog, we take a look at what's inside the cases of our favorite SHAR employees and SHAR friends. Strings, Bach, tuners, tea, playing cards and more. If you want to get in on the fun and share the contents of your case, email a photo and 140 character max description of your case contents to SHAR Apprentice James Engman ( Each week, we'll add five photos we like to our blog! Or, if you're on Twitter, post your photo to #caseconfessions.

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